Menjangan Island a paradise close to Bali


AWAYN IMAGE Menjangan Island  a paradise close to Bali
AWAYN IMAGE Menjangan Island  a paradise close to Bali
AWAYN IMAGE Menjangan Island  a paradise close to Bali
AWAYN IMAGE Menjangan Island  a paradise close to Bali
AWAYN IMAGE Menjangan Island  a paradise close to Bali

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If the gorgeous Bali is not enough for you, then make sure you visit the nearby Menjangan Island. Only 6 miles away from Bali, this tiny Indonesian gem is a scuba diving and snorkeling haven. Menjangan is a part of the West Bali National Park, and it hosts intact coral reefs abundant in marine life that you can only find there. The island itself offers a lot of greenery, ancient temples, friendly locals, and occasional wildlife spotting. 

From Labuhan Lalang port in Northern Bali, you can take a 30-minute boat ride to Menjangan, at $1,50. 

Have in mind that you are not allowed to spend a night on the island, so use your day time wisely. 

For a start, you can go for snorkeling or a diving tour. Thanks to the fact that the island was uninhabited for a long time, the coral reefs around it are exposed with all their glorious beauty, which makes this place the number one diving spot in Bali. The other good thing about it is that not too many people know that Menjangan exists, so if you come for a dive, you'll enjoy a lot of privacy. 

After exploring the marine life, you should check out the Taman Pingit Klenting Sari Temple, only a short walk from the beach, and Agung Brahma Ireng Temple from where you can see Bali. 

The beaches on the island are spectacular, so if you want to have a movie star finish of your Menjangan excursion, enjoy your afternoon on the sand. 

Visibility of the water is good year-round thanks to the warm waters, but maybe you should skip July/August, the busiest months. 

If you decide to visit Menjangan more than once, make sure you explore West Bali National Park. Menjangan Island is the best spot for spending a day from your dreams. 


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