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Methuselah tree

See the world's oldest dwelling tree (non-clonal), a 4,847 year-old Bistlecone Pine called Methuselah. The Methuselah Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, placed in the White Mountains, is where the 4,847-year-old Methuselah tree grows, the oldest living non-clonal organism in the world. If you are going to make hiking the Methuselah Grove greater than a day day trip and get in some more visiting of the White Mountains, you can continue to be at the Grandview Campground. The campground is free, with a cautioned $5 donation, for your pick from big, shaded spots with hearth pits and a picnic table.


To get there, from Big Pine take 168 northeast up into the Whites. From the 168 you will take a left onto White Mountain Road and force up 5.5 miles to the campground. The traffic middle in Big Pines is a exact place to cease and fill up on water, which is simply really properly tasting.


The Methuselah Grove is specifically placed in the Schulman Grove, which is a few miles up the avenue previous the campground. The place is normally open from mid-May via the cease of November, climate permitting. You'll park at the Schulman Grove Visitors Center and begin the 4.5 mile loop hike from there. On the hike you'll go thru the whole Schulman Grove, including the Methuselah Grove the place the Methuselah tree is located (not labeled of course).


The Schulman Grove is named after Edmund Schulman, the researcher who found the Methuselah.

If there's still snow, the road leading all the way up to the visitors center is not plowed. So, you may simply park about a mile down from the traffic center and stroll up on the road. Snow shoes are a good concept if the snow is fresh. There's a extraordinary viewpoint on the street leading up to traffic middle from the campground, don't pass by on hiking the 100 yards or so to the lookout.

The Bristlecone Pines grow to be extra gnarled and hardened as they age. The hardening, prompted by using resin, is what allows them, in part, to stay so long as it protects them from disease. The species are additionally noticeably drought resistant. 



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