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Mimizan Plage

Mimizan Plage has 10 kilometers of fine sandy beach with waves rolling through its length. There are 4 recognized surf spots–La Garluche, Goëlands, Mouettes and Plage Sud and 6 safe swimming areas with lifeguard surveillance are available in the summer.

Surfers from all stripes will find a suitable wave here. Next to the mouth of the river Courant de Mimizan, the sandbanks tend to break up the surf, creating a sheltered spot. Throughout the year, move up or down the beach away from the river and the Atlantic Ocean rolls in uninterrupted waves.

July and August might well be the best time of the year for a surf trip to Mimizan. If you want to live the surf lifestyle every evening with lovely waves, plenty of sunshine and parties, you need to be here in the summer. Go to La Jamaïque on Rue Casino for the best mojitos in town. Summer is also the best surfing time of the year. The surf schools are throwing open their doors and the nice and warm water, and you can make great progress with a few lessons.

May and June and September and October are best if you'd rather have a quiet lineup than an après-surf beach party. The water temperature ranges from 15 to 20 degrees and the surf is generally slightly larger and consistent.


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