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Dunhuang Singing Sand Mountains(Mingsha Shan) Crescent Moon

This attraction `Crescent Moon Pool' is an oasis within the Echoing Sand Mountain (Mingsha Shan). The oasis is not a big area but it blends and contrasts sharply and beautifully with the vastness of the sand dunes. We walked around the Crescent Moon Pool, viewed the reflection of the sand dunes and the temple pavilion in the pool. It was a beautiful scenery. The camel rides and all that aren't really worth it, just walk around to get to the lake. And climb up the dunes to get a good view of Dunhuang and the adjoining desert. And watching the sand blow over the dunes in the breeze is an interesting sight. We spent almost 3 hours strolling around the pool and ventured into the temple ground to see the actual setting of the temple. It is a pity that the camel rides do not cover this route near the pool otherwise the scenery would be more spectacular.


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