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Moab Mountain Biking

Moab is well known for the world famous, and highly technical, Slickrock Bike Trail. This challenging 9.6 mile trail is considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience. Moab, however, also contains an assortment of easy and extremely scenic biking trails. The Bar-M Loop Trail, for example, provides a great introduction to the varied terrain and beautiful scenery adjacent to Arches National Park. Look around this page and create your own mountain biking adventure! I really liked Pothole Arch Length: 1.9 miles Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced riders. Physically demanding. Total climb going to the arch from Cliff Hanger is approximately 230 ft. Total climb going from the arch back to Cliff Hanger is approximately 500 ft. Average grade is about 7%. Type of Ride: Start the trail at the Cliff Hanger Rd. Surface is sandstone, then dirt across a flat mesa, then slickrock hills out to the arch. Rockstacker Trail intersects Pot Hole right before the dirt mesa.


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