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The Mojave Trail hiking trip

The Mojave Trail is hard to Find if you're not looking for it. You're best bet is to look it up on a map, then when you get in the area, you'll start seeing signs on the sides of roads with directions, placards and descriptions. Very scenic. I have done the trail twice. Both times started at the Colorado River side near I 95. Recommend November or early December. I did get snow going over some of the mountainous areas one time. Trail is easy to moderate. Definitely need to have a capable 4 X 4 vehicle with good clearance. In a group expect a lot of dust, so use common sense as far as speed and vehicle spacing. Can get cold at night so bring proper clothing and sleeping gear. There are no services along the way, so gas, food and water have to be planned out. strongly recommend not going in one vehicle, at the very minimum two. Even if you dont have a license, take a 2 meter band radio for emergencies. Have good maps (National Geographic Trails Illustrated), a GPS device that has remote maps and a copy of Dennis G. Casebier's Mojave Road Guide.


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