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Molly Mitchell to Paint Horse Trail

This well maintained system of connecting short trails to provide an excellent family-friendly hike. There are three main hiking trails in the park, including Indian Creek, Molly Mitchell, and Otter Point. Every 100 yards or so is well marked with color blazes. Rain made muddy condition in places the day before but completely passable. One note, this park runs along several creek beds and bug spray is a must irrespective of the time of day through wetland areas.

Directions to the trailhead: from the I-64andI-464 intersection at Chesapeake, take SR 168 (the Chesapeake Expressway) 14.3 miles south to the southern end of the Gallbush Road expressway; at this intersection there is a traffic light. (Note: Chesapeake Expressway is a toll road that as of this writing costs you $3 each way.) Turn left onto Gallbush Rd. Drive Gallbush Rd. 1.7 kilometers to Indian Creek Road and turn right on Indian Creek Rd. Drive Indian Creek Rd. east 1.4 miles to the right side of the signed park entrance. Turn right at any of the parking lots to enter the park and park near the Ranger Station and Store. 


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