AWAYN IMAGE Monsanto Village
AWAYN IMAGE Monsanto Village
AWAYN IMAGE Monsanto Village
AWAYN IMAGE Monsanto Village
AWAYN IMAGE Monsanto Village

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Once named the most "Portuguese city in Portugal."  the Monsanto Village (Alcains, Portugal) Houses are tucked between, on, and under giant rocks. 


At the top of the 400 feet high hill and defined with the cooperation of its landscape, Monsanto hangs up on the mountain top overlooking the Portuguese countryside with miles of views. 


Monsanto tiny streets are winding against covered boulders at a steep grade of previous red-roofed cottages. Some of the rocks are actually door-shaped, resulting in properly carved structures in the rocky landscape. While the mountain city appears somewhat unorthodox, it is truly a special twist on traditional Portuguese architecture. Walking along the paved streets, it quickly becomes apparent that Monsanto is Portugal's microcosm. In a number of buildings and a church, the architecture even incorporates the Portuguese Manueline style. While it sincerely represents the classic Portuguese village style, the cottages built in boulder chic will undoubtedly impress site visitors more than the medieval Romanesque or Manueline cottages. 

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