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Hike Monte Forato Apuan Arch

Monte Forato towers over quaint village clusters. But from view, it doesn't completely block the sky.

 A great arch makes it seem like a window was carved directly into the mountain, providing the heavens with a circular portal. 

You can take the hike via Route 6 and then Route 12. It takes up to 2 hours and down to 1.5. We went down the same path, but there are other options once you're on top so you can see something else on the way down. The trek was a medium difficulty, but in the end, it was hard. The view has been great up, but the end is something else. Amazing, and somewhat mortifying-at any moment you feel like the hole could swallow you. If you're in the area and you like trekking, this is definitely on the list to do. 



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