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Climbing in Monte Sagro

Tuscany is home to the Apuan Alps, a mountain range nestled between the valleys of the Serchio and Magra rivers, not far from the Garfagnana and Lunigiana areas. It is a wonderful part of the world that boasts even more stunning views over the picturesque and distinguishing landscape of Tuscany. Monte Sagro then, is a mountain in the Apuan Alps, overlooking the city of Carrara, that is one of nine main peaks in the range and an exceptional place to go hiking if you have found a vacation rental in Carrara and want to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.Start on path 173 heading south east past Rifugio Carrara, around Monte Borla and then south to Foce di Pianza. At the path junction bear left following path 172 which climbs gently over rocky steps to Focce della Faggiola. There are stunning views to the south over Carrara to the sea. Now bear left, following the blue/white marked path to Monte Sagro. This climbs gently below the south ridge but eventually emerges on the north west ridge. Turn sharp right along this ridge to the summit cross. Descend on the north west ridge for 300m, then bear left, directly towards the marble quarries to intersect path 173. Here a left turn leads back to Foce di Pianza. From Foce di Pianza take the tarmac road, due west, back to Ristorante Belvedere.



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