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Mossbrae Falls Hike

This place is a must-visit and a hidden gem! We went on a Friday afternoon and encountered one person at the falls and a few people heading towards there as we were heading back. It's a really private and quiet place. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the falls are closed off due to someone getting hit by a train. There are "No Trespassing" signs and supposedly you'll be fined for walking down the train tracks. However, we successfully made the trek to the falls without being stopped by anyone. Finding the entrance to the trailhead was a bit tricky since searching "Mossbrae Falls" on Google Maps will require you to go through a forest (which you can't even go through due to all the shrubbery and no clear path). You want to drive down Dunsmuir Ave to the intersection of Scarlet Way and Dunsmuir Ave. This is where you'll find Shasta Retreat (picture posted) which is the entrance to a private residential area. Find parking outside of Shasta Retreat as you might get a ticket for parking in this area. We found parking a bit down south of Dunsmuir Ave on the side of the road. Walk through the archway that says "Shasta Retreat" and turn right when you get to the bottom of the hill. You'll cross a small bridge that is over the Sacramento River and turn right towards the railroad tracks. Follow the railroad tracks upstream the river for a bit over 1 mile (~20 min. walk). At every 1/4 of a mile, you'll see a sign on the right side of the tracks (closer to the river) that tells you how many miles you've walked. When you see the 3/4 mile sign, you'll know you're close. Once you see the bridge, do not cross, and turn right into the shrubbery and follow the fall's sounds down the hill. Enjoy nature in all its glory!


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