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Mount Greylock

On a clear day, the 3,491-foot summit of Mount Greylock offers panoramic views as way as ninety miles all told directions. This short however breathtaking byway travels from open farmland in Lanesborough, through the forested Mount Greylock State Reservation, to the modern art mecca of North Adams.

Spectacular views and hikes for everybody

The byway is most accessible from late could through mid-October once the parkway that meanders through the reservation is hospitable vehicles, but seventy miles of trails are open year-round  to hikers, birdwatchers and back-country skiers. There are dozens of trails and spurs, together with some of the geographical area path, therefore you'll be able to hike all the thanks to the summit or take a brief aspect trip to expertise the forest up shut. The visitor center at the southern finish of the byway could be a year-round destination in itself and features exhibits on the cultural and explanation of the mountain. Park employees will purpose you to hiking hotspots like Stony ledge and accessible views like the Adams Overlook.

From Pennsylvania to Maine, without leaving Massachusetts

Not solely is Mount Greylock the state’s highest purpose and its 1st wilderness state park, it’s additionally home to an ecological system found obscurity else in southern geographical area. The elevation associated climate have given rise to such a range of ecological zones that traveling from the bottom to the summit is like traveling from the hardwood forests of Pennsylvania to the boreal fir and spruce forests of northern Maine in less than an hour.

Spine-tingling skiing

The 300 additionally designed the Thunderbolt trail in 1934. In only under 2 miles, the path drops 2,000 feet from Mount Greylock’s summit to its base. Championship downhill races were command here through the late Nineteen Fifties. Today, as long as there’s enough natural precipitation, an annual race attracts scores of brave souls and hundreds of onlookers.

Cutting-edge art

When you’re able to leave wilderness behind, you’ll notice a number of the Berkshires’ best arts destinations among easy reach. At the northern finish of the bypath is North Adams, home to the Massachusetts museum of contemporary Art, which opened in 1999 on the transformed field of the previous Sprague electric company. In summer, the city of North Adams sponsors Down Street Art, an event that highlights art throughout the city’s museums, galleries, and shops.



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