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Mount Sneffels

To get to Sneffels you want to drive to Ouray that is forty seven miles south of Montrose on highway 550 Continuing south from Ouray on the highway, continue up and round the initial major switchback and switch right into County Road 361 with signs for American Boy Basin. Head this steep however well graded road for 6.5 miles and keep right at the Camp Bird road junction. Winter maintence sometimes ends here. The steep cliffs and shelf section are spectacular nonetheless alarming for a few people. There’s a brief stretch of shelf road simply past the Camp Bird junction that was sculptured into the geological formation facet throughout the mining days. Within the spring a body of water usually cascades over the road here creating for a true sight to envision and one strange drive! This dramatic stretch is simply wide enough for one vehicle. Consider the road's condition and your comfort before continuing. 

It is an honest plan to possess 4WD beyond the Camp Bird entrance. In my experience driving this road, 2WD cars get delayed on a reasonably steep and loose section simply before the dramatic shelf. All wheel drive cars or traveler cars with good clearance will build the road up into American Boy Basin once dry. Pass the Imogene Pass junction and at ten, 800 feet, the Governor Basin Road heads off to the left (at an outsized mine). A high clearance 4WD vehicle is needed on the far side this time. I used to be able to get my Toyota Camry this way in 2012. With a 4WD, continue up to the correct at the Governor Basin junction and park wherever {you feel you area unit feeling you’re feeling} that you simply are rich the road and off belongings. There’s a vault can zero.8 miles past the Governor Basin junction at eleven, 300 feet. At this tiny bathroom lavatory} there's room for several vehicles and this can be in all probability the foremost well-liked parking spot. On the far side the little toilet, a rougher 4WD path heads further into the basin to tree line wherever it essentially turns into the path towards Blue Lakes Pass.


When to Climb

During a traditional year, the simplest climb conditions for avoiding snow is mid-June through period of time. It’s vital to stay in mind that this can be prime electrical storm season and everybody ought to be off summits and ridges by noon! 

May through mid-June is that the best time for snow climbs within the Lavender Couloir, Snake Couloir or the Birthday Chutes, but snow climbs may be safely done as early as March, reckoning on the avalanche and snow conditions. Make sure to stay a watch on the avalanche conditions! Snowshoes can possible be required on any climb before could

Sneffels may be climbed year-around, but in traditional and significant snow years, the road is usually closed at Camp Bird, and therefore the east Dallas road access is closed at the forest boundary gate. Inquire with the Ouray County workplace concerning road data before continuing however expect a substantial increase in distance needed for winter climbs.

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