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Star watching + camping at Mt. Baker

Approximately 30 miles east of the city of Bellingham are the Mt. Baker Wilderness Area and the Mt. Baker National Recreation Area. Another feature of the general region is the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. These protected areas take their names from a lofty peak that rises 10,781 feet into the Pacific Northwest sky. Of all the volcanic mountains in the Cascade Range, only Mount Rainier is more heavily glaciated than Mount Baker, so plenty of alpine glacier vistas abound. For campers, there are established campgrounds with various amenities to choose from in the general region. Campers can also find dispersed campsites in the wilderness with no amenities at all. If a cabin is the preferred accommodation, you might try the Suiattle Guard Station cabin, which is found approximately 26 miles northeast of Darrington in the national forest. The winding roads up are a little scary, but when you reach the top it is worth it. The views are terrific without hiking at all, but there are several trails to take if you want a little exercise. Park rangers are there with maps and suggestions.


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