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Mount Townsend Trai great for hike

This place is spectacular for 4th of July hike. You can also swim in Silver Lake! A challenging hike from the get go that doesn't get much easier. As you ascend the trail (and believe me it ascends) you get some spectacular views of the Puget Sound and the Hood Canal. The mountainside was littered with blooming flowers in purples and whites and yellows and pinks. If you are planning on camping at Camp Windy be alert for its location. My party passed the site without realizing it due to poor marking (there is a point where there is just a sign that says "Trail"... this is Camp Windy). We climbed back down and set up camp before a few of us continued on to the summit. The summit had a gorgeous view and was well worth the trouble. If you are camping I recommend sticking around for the sunset.


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