Muir Beach Golden Gate National


AWAYN IMAGE Muir Beach Golden Gate National
AWAYN IMAGE Muir Beach Golden Gate National
AWAYN IMAGE Muir Beach Golden Gate National
AWAYN IMAGE Muir Beach Golden Gate National
AWAYN IMAGE Muir Beach Golden Gate National

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If you're up for a fairly strenuous hike with the payoff of fantastic views and a cozy English-style cottage waiting for you at the end, the Muir Beach loop along the Coastal Trail is a great choice. Muir Beach is a short drive from San Francisco, just across the Golden Gate Bridge and up into the winding hills of the Marin Headlands before heading down to Muir Beach itself. From the parking lot, take the Green Gulch Trail and follow the split to the beach where you'll find the Coastal Trail. The heavy climbing begins here, but the elevation gain offers fantastic views up and down the Pacific Coast. Give yourself three hours for this hike, allowing plenty of time to catch your breath and enjoy the views. The loop consists of the Coastal Trail, Coyote Ridge Trail, and Middle Green Gulch Tail, which will lead you back to your starting point, as well as the big payoff for all your hard work: The Pelican Inn.If you've been blessed with a sunny day, grab a pitcher and your lunch and enjoy the weather on the Inn's front lawn. The menu is simple and just what you'd expect from an English-style tavern, with the excellent bangers and mash taking center stage. If the fog has rolled in, don't fret, because there's nothing better on a foggy day than a cozy English cottage with a fireplace, which is exactly what the Inn offers inside. Packing List: Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Survival Gear Paracord Bracelet Compass Fire Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles

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