Explore Mulafossur Waterfall Vagar Icland


AWAYN IMAGE Explore Mulafossur Waterfall Vagar Icland
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Mulafossur Waterfall Vagar Icland
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Mulafossur Waterfall Vagar Icland
AWAYN IMAGE Explore Mulafossur Waterfall Vagar Icland

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Go along the southern coast towards Sandavagur on Vagar Island. This village is characteristic of its red and white church dating back to 1919. The inside of the chandeliers is very clear and richly decorated. Note the painting above the altar, representing seafarers, as well as the boat model suspended from the roof: these two elements are found in all the Faroese churches, and they remind you that most islanders still live off fishing. From Sorvagur to Bour, discover the West Coast. The journey offers a spectacular view of Mykines Island, Gasholmur and Tindholmur Islands ' neighboring island.

The waterfall is just a5-minute walk from the picturesque village of Gásadalur in the western part of Vágar with less than 20 inhabitants. You are driving through the one lane tunnel that is an experience on its own. You can see the little village after about a minute or so. There's a sign showing you where to go to the waterfall. If there isn't much going on, you can park on the street, but I would recommend driving into the village. There is a parking lot that also offers a very clean toilet. From there, the waterfall is only a5-minute walk away. The view is incredible and a truly unique thing. At its best, nature. Don't forget to walk on the other side of the waterfall through the small stream. It's safe if you're not near the fall.

Most visitors stay above or at a distance from the waterfall to see the village of Gásadalur and Múlafossur, creating beautiful pictures. The flows up and around when the weather becomes windy, creating a view that is truly unique.

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