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Photograph the Old Church Dunlewey

You pass this church on the way to the Poison Glen walk. It is worth it to stop and have a little walk around. . When we stopped for pictures, we looked down in this Valley and saw this church all alone. We decided it would be fun to see. Took a little while to get to the church. This old church has a sad history - it's on the plaque by the entrance, and others had written about it before. You can see this from the main road that bypasses Dunlewey, and it can be reached by driving down a narrow road. The building itself is quite imposing, although to best appreciate its location, you should also stop at one of the viewing points back up on the main road and look down on it.Dunlewey Church of Ireland was built by Mrs. Jane Smith Russell as a memorial to her husband, Mr. James Russell, landlord of Dunlewey Estate. A very interesting building, it would have been spectacular when first built. It was consecrated in September 1853. As the Dunlewey Estate declined the church fell into disrepair. A definite " must see " if you're in the area.


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