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Enjoy the views of Naejangsan National Park

Naejangsan is a renowned Jeollabuk-do mountain and Korea's finest mountain for viewing the crimson leaves of autumn.

Due to its bright crimson leaves that blanket Naejangsan Mountain in the fall, the mountain is also called the "Geumgangsan of Honam." 

There are renowned waterfalls inside the park, such as Dodeokpokpo Falls and Geumseonpokpo Falls, as well as temples such as Baekyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple. You can see the waters of Dodeokpokpo Falls, cascading down the cliff if you follow the valley left of the ticket booth. If you go further down the valley you can see the Geumseonpokpo Falls waters where even the gods are supposed to have bathed. The Temple of Baekyangsa is both magnificent and peaceful, surrounded by Gulgeori trees that even in winter maintain their lush green leaves, and also the Bija trees. Naejangsa Temple is, together with Baekyangsa Temple, the place to visit for its beautiful autumn leaves during the fall. Besides these, there are about 760 types of local plants, designated Natural Monuments, and numerous wildlife within the park. 

Naejangsan National Park is lovely not only in the fall, but also in the spring when the azaleas and cherry blossoms, in the summer when the mountain becomes green, and in the winter when the rock cliffs are covered with snow. Different types of wildflowers bloom here throughout the year.


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