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Nairobi National Park

Lions are crossing the road, it’s a large pride, a mother glides gracefully across accompanied by three rambunctious cubs.  A male decides to have a rest, he lies in the dusty road, not bothering to glance our way.  We can’t move forward, but we are captivated the sight of this enormous wild beast silhouetted by the Nairobi skyline.  This is the only game park in the world that is located within a city.


Nairobi National Park sits sandwiched between residential housing, schools and the airport.  A huge 120-kilometre park on the outskirts of Africa’s third biggest city.  The park has a range of diverse habitats: savannah, swampland, forest and man-made dams, which host a huge number of animals.  Nairobi National Park is home to all the big 5: lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino, except elephants who were removed due to human-wildlife conflict.   The animals are truly wild, this is no commercial safari park but land that remains free for the animals.  If you are lucky you will spot the some of the hundreds of species that live here; hyena, cheetah, jackal, crocodile, hippo, eland, Thompson gazelle, meerkat, vultures, eagles.. all of Kenya’s finest 


It’s easy to self-drive, picnic spots dot the park and viewpoints offer incredible views of the grassland towards the city skyline.  An iconic photo opportunity.   Be warned though, these are wild animals, even the picnic spots aren’t fenced. Any time you leave your car there could be a predator nearby, this is Africa and in Africa, you need to keep your wits about you.


The park is open every day from dawn to dusk.

Entrance is $43 adult /$22 child or 1030 KSH/ 505KSH Residents 



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