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Cat Tien is the national park

Cat Tien is the national park situated in three provinces Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Thuan, in the South of Vietnam. The national park is truly well-reserved with impressive biodiversity including many ancient trees which may live for a thousand years. The system of waterfalls, rivers are also stunningly striking. Central Highlands Area The Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) of Vietnam are a distinct contrast from the tropical south, with an arid climate and rolling hills. Much of the Central Highlands is a series of flat plateaus, mainly settled by various ethnic groups. Apart from Dalat, most of extraordinary sights and attractions are not mentioned much in travel books, probably because they are located too far from regular tourism routes. Some of the must-see destinations are Ngok Linh Mountain, Chu Mon Ray jungle, Dak To hot spring, etc.


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