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Napali Coast Hike

The dramatic Napali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii is an absolute must for every hiker that visits the island. The Kalalau trail is one of the most dangerous, yet most spectacular in the world, and it is reserved only for experienced hikers and people ready to face the mighty forces of nature. Eleven miles of muddy rainforest, narrow paths along the cliffs, rocky inclines, and changeable weather is what you are going to face on this trail. However, your effort will be rewarded with mesmerizing views and unforgettable experiences. 

Steep rocky cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean are making this adventure thrilling and breathtaking in every sense. Although eleven miles may not seem like a long distance, the infrastructure of this trail will get you so tired that you'll wish you'd go climb Half Dome. One of the most dangerous sections on the Napali Coast is Crawler’s Ledge, a sliding rock ledge, only a foot wide, above rocky cliffs that you don't want to look at while crossing this part. 

The reason why many hikers decide to go for this trail is the ending point at the beautiful Kalalau beach, although sometimes the three streams on the way can be flooded and unpassable. Depending on the weather, if you're lucky and on a dry day, you can pass the three streams and get to the beach. If not, you would need to wait for the water level to go back to normal or turn around and go back. 

At the trailhead, there is a limited day parking, where you can park your vehicle and try out this amazing trial. A shuttle from Waipa is also available, so if you have a camping permit along the trail, you better use the shuttle service because you can't leave your car at the lot during the night.



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