AWAYN IMAGE Napali Coast Hike
AWAYN IMAGE Napali Coast Hike
AWAYN IMAGE Napali Coast Hike

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Spreading over 17 miles along Kauai's North Shore, the Napali Coast is a consecrated spot characterized by unprecedented characteristic excellence.


 These emerald-shaded precipices with well sharpened sharp edges tower over the Pacific Ocean, uncovering beautiful shorelines and cascades that plunge to the fertile valley floor. The rugged landscape seems much as it did hundreds of years prior when Hawaiian settlements prospered in these deep, thin valleys, existing just on the nourishment they could develop and the fish they could get. 


There are numerous approaches to investigate the Napali Coast, yet the most secure access and best perspectives are found via ocean or air. Pontoon visits withdraw from Port Allen on the West Side, and amid the late spring months, guided kayaking trips convey you up-near taking off church building bluffs. At the point when conditions are correct, pontoon visits are accessible to direct you to shrouded ocean caverns and remote shorelines. Elevated stays, most lifting off from Lihue Airport, are maybe the ideal approach to get a handle on the size of the Napali Coast. You'll additionally get an unparalleled view to beautiful zones that are to a great extent out of reach via land or water, as magnificent Manawaiopuna Falls, a background in the film "Jurassic Park." Whichever visit you pick, the natural wonder of the Napali Coast will leave a profound impact on your spirit. 


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