Natural springs Caldeira Velha


AWAYN IMAGE Natural springs Caldeira Velha
AWAYN IMAGE Natural springs Caldeira Velha
AWAYN IMAGE Natural springs Caldeira Velha

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During my Portugal trip in the Azores, I saw another unique place that only locals know. It was a real wonder to me thinking about how this place was kept hidden from the whole world? Do you remember the famous movie, Jurassic Park? I am sure all of us do. My memory got refreshed after visiting Caldeira Velha. This unique place is famous for the hot natural springs, and the entire area is surrounded by massive ferns and trees. A natural wonder and a mesmerizing beauty, no one can miss.

For tourists, the natural hot springs of Caldeira Velha are preserved inside apart. There is a small entry fee of 8 Euro that you need to pay to get the tickets. This unique place is located at a driving distance of just 30 minutes from Ponta Delgada. Undoubtedly this is one of the unique locations around the world that only locals know. 

As you enter, you will find the hot springs are coming out and stored in two different bathing pools. The upper pool water is iron-rich and warm, but the lower pool water is less warm. A spring feeds the water from the upper to lower terrace while passing over a pool of super-heated thermal vents. Another unique thing to highlight about this hot spring is it is natural, meaning the water flowing is unfiltered. You can enjoy the naturally heated mountain water for endless hours. You can see obvious dirt and floating plants, but nothing to worry. Only concern is, if your skin is sensitive, don’t stay inside the water for a long time as this water is mineral rich and may cause itchiness to your skin.

You may be wondering when you visit this unique place. It is obvious to visit during December or January. The weather and temperature are perfect this time. You need time to enjoy the hot water at the pool. I guess at least one to two hours, so keep enough time in your hand. This hot spring water at Caldeira Velha acts as a natural Jacuzzi and we enjoyed and relaxed over a couple of hours. The park has to change cabins and showers for you to get fresh after the bath. 

It is obvious you need to book a hotel at São Miguel Island. Book it fast as the tourist is now flocking around to visit this unique place that only locals know. I would, however, advise the usage of a bathing suit as the corrosive minerals of the spring water can cause allergy to your skin. Take a shower immediately after coming out from the pool and feel relaxed!


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