Reach The Shipwreck of Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)


AWAYN IMAGE Reach The Shipwreck of Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)
AWAYN IMAGE Reach The Shipwreck of Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)
AWAYN IMAGE Reach The Shipwreck of Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)

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Naviago Beach is situated on the northwestern coasts of Zakynthos and the small cove is an amazing blend of white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters encircled by white cliffs with an fascinating rusty shipwreck dominating its surroundings. It was rumored that the wreck, a ship called Panagiotis, attempted to smuggle cigarettes and was stranded in Naviago's shallow waters while being pursued by the Greek Navy. The ship's captain lately refuted these allegations, blaming the shipwreck for poor weather and mechanical failure. Anyway, the rusted ship's contrast to Navagio's amazing natural beauty has made it a tourist magnet.

If you want to get to the beach of Shipwreck, step on the rocks (sadly the beach is not sandy) and live in the blue turquoise waters, there is only one way-by sea. There are several tour firms offering boat trips to this most popular beach in Greece (at a small cost). Other lovely areas off the shore of Zakynthos will also be visited-like Blue Caves and Xygia Sulfur Beach. All of them are spectacular, but Navagio is of course the unbeatable number one.

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