Naval weapon seal beach


AWAYN IMAGE Naval weapon seal beach
AWAYN IMAGE Naval weapon seal beach
AWAYN IMAGE Naval weapon seal beach

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Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station has been providing supplies to the USN for decades to send our ships in a way that is prepared for anything. This particular ship (USS Gridley) supports the free movement of ships running international waters as well as a pirate infestation (I think "infestation" is an apt term for pirates... like rats, they need to be exterminated). The NWSSB also provides a very large safe haven at the National Wildlife Refuge to preserve and conserve native plants and animals, marine life and birds. There is a refuge here for endangered species such as the light-footed clapper rail and the savannah sparrow of Belding. The Weapons Station also houses the World War II Submarine Memorial's West Coast site. The Memorial is dedicated to the more than 3000 submarines who lost their lives in the 52 submarines lost during the Second World War in the United States submarines. The men who lost their lives in submarine accidents during the Cold War are dedicated to two plaques. The Memorial is located on Seal Beach Boulevard outside the main entrance to the Weapons Station and is open to the public. Witnessing some of the key functions of this Navy-operated station is not difficult to get in and as a taxpayer, you owe it to yourself to see how our government is spending your hard-earned dollars. To observe, question, listen and learn, you should take every opportunity to participate in an "open house." After all, you own it in some way. 

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