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Ninfeo di Villa Litta

Built in 1589 to hold the Borromeo Visconti Litta collection of art and fossils, the Ninfeo ("nymph cave") is an architectural oddity standing in the middle of a small park, separated from the main building of Villa Litta. If you're having a holiday in Lombardy from May to October, it's worth a visit to the Villa and especially its Ninfeo, a kind of artificial grotto, rich with stone mosaics, statues and amazing water tricks. Children can also enjoy the visit. The tour I did was long, more than two hours, but in the Ninfeo the kids had fun with the water surprises. It is also very interesting for adults, thanks to the passion of the volunteer guides who accompany you on the visit. But I don't know if they're going to do the tour in English, call or check the site. You can get pretty wet, so go with a nice warm weather. There's no café in the villa, I'd suggest you have an aperitif before you get in. 


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