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Nisqually Vista

The Nisqually Vista trail shows you the parts of Mount Ranier National Park that you see in books and on TV: alpine meadows, wildflowers, coniferous trees, glacial valleys, and the mountain itself. On a clear, sunny day like the day we hiked the trail, the views are absolutely beautiful. The trails in the area tend to be very hilly but well maintained. Our Hike to Myrtle Falls was worth the steep climbs. The area is covered in fields of wildflowers even in late September when we were there. The visitor center is new and is worth a look inside. However, compared to the Sunrise area in the northeastern part of the park we would suggest Sunrise. Sunrise is not as busy or crowded and the trails, scenic views, closeness to the mountain are far Superior. The mountain is awesome, and, when studying Avalanche Lillies up close or watching the Nisqually River flow out from underneath Nisqually Glacier, you can't help but wonder how something as destructive as a volcano could have created so much beauty.


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