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Kayaking and Hike in North Coast Trail San Josef Bay

Located on the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, Cape Scott Provincial Park offers a truly rough and beautiful getaway for those who are up for adventure. The provincial park of Cape Scott is approximately 563 kilometers from Victoria. The only car park is located in the park's southeast corner, providing easy access to the trailheads of Cape Scott and San Josef Bay. The lot is approximately 64 kilometers west of Port Hardy and can be reached by car by combining public highways with private, active logging roads. 

There are no designated swimming areas in the park, but the Nels Bight and San Josef Bay beaches are popular hikers and campers swimming destinations. Cape Scott is a Mecca for hiking enthusiasts, and for coastal hiking, hikers should be prepared and skilled. BC Parks website, http:/ Scott / hiking.html, provides the following information. 

North Coast Trail: This trail is a 43.1-kilometer extension of the original Cape Scott Trail, with a total hiking distance of approximately 59.5 kilometers. The minimum one-way hiking time is about 5 days, but it takes 6 to 8 days for most hikers to complete the trail. This route is very challenging for beginners and is not recommended. 


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