North Mount Elbert Trail


AWAYN IMAGE North Mount Elbert Trail
AWAYN IMAGE North Mount Elbert Trail
AWAYN IMAGE North Mount Elbert Trail
AWAYN IMAGE North Mount Elbert Trail
AWAYN IMAGE North Mount Elbert Trail

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If you ever come to Denver or you live here, and you are bored on the weekends, then I highly recommend visiting the spectacular Mount Elbert trail, only two and a half hours away from downtown. People who prefer spending time in nature surrounded by stunning vistas and high peaks will find Mount Elbert quite intriguing. 

The North Mount Elbert Trail is 9 miles long, with 4700 feet elevation gain, while the highest point of the summit is 14,440 feet. Mount Elbert can be challenging at times, especially if you are not physically prepared, that's why hit the gym and do your homework before meeting the highest mountain in Colorado.

However, the northern summit of Mount Elbert is qualified as easy to moderate trail compared to other hikes in the country, after you manage to acclimatize to the elevation change.

On the way to the peak, there are a couple of false summits that will make you think that you are almost there, and probably lower your enthusiasm while the ascending becomes steeper. Nevertheless, if you focus on the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds you, you will reach the peak sooner than expected, and after facing the 360-degree views from the top, you'll feel like the king of the world.

If you look to the north, you will see the second-highest mountain in Colorado, Mount Massive, while the south side offers clear views of La Plata Peak. The trail is dry and rocky most of the year, so sturdy hiking boots are a must. At one point after passing half of the trail, you'll reach a beautiful tree line that confirms you are on the right path. 

Mount Elbert is not only a trip you should take if near Denver but also from anywhere else in the country. Enjoy your hike and good luck!



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