Oneonta Gorge Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Oneonta Gorge Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Oneonta Gorge Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Oneonta Gorge Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Oneonta Gorge Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Oneonta Gorge Trail

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Truly one of the unique experience in the Columbia River Gorge.


The route shown here is not what you take through to go up the gorge. You can go straight up the creek next to the tunnel. The logs at the beginning of the trail were not too challenging as long as you go slow and watch your step. Other than the water levels and the woods this is a straightforward hike. It's a walk in the river with the best view ever. The water also gets to about 5'6" deep just before the falls. 


 The gorge walls have a step on them below falls. You can easily hold on to the notches on the wall and confident with your footings, "climb" across and get within feet of the falls. Overall it's a beautiful walk, make sure you bring shoes and clothes you're okay with getting wet.


Tips: 1.Ensure you bring a change of clothes, shoes & a towel because you will be walking through water to reach the waterfall. 


2. Carry a small waterproof bag to keep your mobile & camera. There's only 1 point before the waterfall where you would need to keep this bag over your head and walk through 4 ft of cold water.


3. Take care while making your way through the logjam because it can be slippery & a little dangerous if you are not cautious. So lower your center of gravity (for more stability) and wear appropriate shoes.

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