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Onion Creek and Homestead

I was at this trail in May at the height of wildflower season and I was absolutely blown away by every single turn there were so many flowers out. The route I took was along the riverbed where you saw a lot of the river flooding damage everywhere when it had the huge storm surge but nature was at its best when we could walk on most of the riverbed and cross at a more shallow location downstream. I admit I got a little lost trying to head back to the upper falls and ended up backtracking when I emerged from the trail by a school that was going in the wrong direction and ended up cutting across campgrounds that were having various family cookouts that all had great locations. I wouldn't hesitate to come here again during May flower season, it was like we walked into Paradise. The water levels were low at the time but still very pretty themselves in an area surrounded by some very old and beautiful trees I couldn't name though they felt like Cyprus. Maybe the amazing part was how easy it was to get to and so deceptively close to the city yet so full of nature.


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