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Cross country skiing with Ortler mountain ski tour

The Ortler is the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps outside the Bernina Rangerange. It's located in northern Italy (he meeting point of the borders of Switzerland, Italy and Austria) and nestled between the famous ski area Bormio on its west and the Dolomite mountain range to its east. We covered the range as a loop, and stayed in mountain huts. The huts are some of the nicest in the Alps, with showers, some private bed rooms, electricity, and excellent five course Italian dinners. We had the chance to ski up to the summit of quite a few peaks and take in the views, with the Swiss Bernina mountain range to our northwest and the Dolomites and Austrian Alps to our east. If you decide to visti in spring like we did then the weather in the Alps can vary from hot and sunny to cold and stormy very suddenly.  The temperatures can fluctuate between highs in the 70’s and 80’s  during the day to lows below freezing at night.  If we were touring on the glacier in the mid-day sun, it can feel extremely hot, but a strong wind or cloud cover can cause the temperature to drop drastically.  We did also encounter stormy conditions that could be bad enough to make us abandon the route and search for skiing at lower elevations or in marked ski areas. Overall this is a once in a life time opportunity to experience skiing in Alps. Price: 2500 US Dollars per skier with 6 skiers.


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