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Sentiero del Dint dal Lago di Barcis

Imagine the sound of your footsteps creaking on the fresh snow in the silence of the woods, and the warm light of the sun that warms your face, penetrating the bare branches of the trees. Next to you, a bottomless canyon from which the crystalline and icy water comes from in the distance, and in the range a still lake, green and blue, surrounded by snowy peaks. Practically a dream! And instead, it is the beautiful panoramic path of the Dint a Barcis, which, even in winter, gives emotions and spectacular views over the Pordenone mountains. The walk is easy and particularly suggestive.

In the summer I have been there several times, looking for refreshment on hot days, but walking here in winter was a surprise, when you could follow the whole itinerary practically alone. The viewpoints leave you speechless: in the distance, Andreis looks like a small crib, and Cellina's horror makes an impression. But the highlight is the skywalk, a metal and glass bridge suspended in the air, to feel like you're flying over the Barcis lake. The loop trail takes you back to the starting point, that is, to the Visitor Center of the Forra del Cellina Natural Reserve: here I take the opportunity to receive the latest photos from the dock on the still snowy lake.

 If you are passing by Barcis, it's worth it to spend a half hour  to see what a river Offers. Me & the family tourist tried the train that had fun with the kids. The vehicle went through the old road that connected Barcis and is was very impressive. You can also choose a different route that reaches the village of Andreis. The cost is 3 euros per person, the double for the longest lap. I do not know the cost of walking or biking.Se passate da Barcis, vale la pena perdere una mezzoraper vedere quello che un fiume a scavato nel corso del tempo. Io con la famiglia ho provato il trenino che ha divertito i bambini. Il mezzo ha percorso la vecchia strada che collegava Barcis alla pianura ed è molto suggestivo. Si può anche scegliere un percorso differente che raggiunge il paesino di Andreis. Il costo è di 3 euro a persona, il doppio per il giro più lungo. Non conosco il costo per chi segue il percorso a piedi o in bici.  


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