ouray motorcycle trails


AWAYN IMAGE ouray motorcycle trails
AWAYN IMAGE ouray motorcycle trails
AWAYN IMAGE ouray motorcycle trails
AWAYN IMAGE ouray motorcycle trails

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The trails leading west out of Ouray will take you through various ghost towns: Animas Forks, Gladstone, Guston, and Rose's Cabin are all along these trails; most of these towns.you are probably better off with a plated and lighted bike in the Ouray, Lake city Area. You will be connecting almost everything down there with roads, and cops will pull you over if they see you are not street legal. That said, the passes between Lake City and Ouray (Engineer), and between Ouray and Telluride (Imogene), are good places to start. The Alpine trail between Ridgeway and outside of Lake City is excellent single track (Trail of 100 switchbacks). Again, you ride state highways for several miles to and from this trail. Parts of the colorado trail head over to Creed, this is fairly technical, expert terrain, however. Just use your map, and explore. In Ouray itself we got a chance to ride up and over Engineers pass. I have heard that this ride can be tough, rocks, ice, snow, standing water, ect. and the Triumph Tiger as well as the rest of the BMW bikes handled it great. The Husky TE310 was really in its element, but considering every other bike there outweighed it by 200 pounds, it wasn’t really fair.

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