Hike Oyster Dome Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Hike Oyster Dome Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike Oyster Dome Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike Oyster Dome Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike Oyster Dome Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike Oyster Dome Trail

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One of my favorite hikes for the area. Easy to get to and can be hiked year round. Good for dogs as well but there can be a lot of people.The view is totally mesmerizing. The trail was not at all crowded and nicely maintained. While coming down, we took a detour, which I would highly recommend. First, we went to Lily lake, which is not as amazing as the dome, but still worth going. Then we took the Max's shortcut (don't go by the name, it's not a shortcut). It eventually connects with the Larry Reed trail. Both of these trails are super easy, but didn't look like everyone's favorite. We only saw 2 groups the whole time. There were times, when we didn't see anyone for 20 mins and a thought of being lost crossed our mind. But it was a relief to see the first group. We saw a few snakes on the way. They were really small and looked harmless, but just be careful. This detour ends at the Samish Overlook. It somewhat has the same views as the Dome, but a little different. It is actually a Paragliding spot. We saw a few paragliders and it looked like a good place for that. There's a parking area at this Overlook, so if you are interested in paragliding and don't want to hike, you can bring your car right on the spot (you'll eventually have to hike back to get to your car, though). From here, you an take the Chuckanut trail, which will take you to the trail head. This detour is around 2 miles longer than the usual route, but is worth taking. While coming down, nobody would mind an extra few miles!

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