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Pacific Ridge Trail, Crystal Cove State Park

The hike begins at Ridge Park Road's end. Enter the Bommer Ridge Trail and turn right on the Pacific Ridge Trail (you get the least interesting part of the hike out of the way first by hiking in the counter-clockwise direction; you also get a nominal amount of shade on your canyon ascent). A rolling ridge follows the fire road, heading south towards the ocean, skirting the edge of a gated community. Your return route, the Ticketron and Red Tail Ridge Trails, is to your left across Deer Canyon. You reach a junction with the single-track Ticketron Trail at 1.3 miles from the beginning. The hike (now shared with the Deer Canyon Loop) becomes more interesting as you thread your way down into Deer Canyon between chaparral and prickly pear cacti. A few ups and downs take you to the peaceful Deer Canyon Campground, nestled under a few oaks and sycamores, where you can sit at a picnic table and get ready for the 500-foot elevation gain that awaits you on your way back. 


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