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Pacific views from Prewitt Ridge

Prewitt Ridge Rd is an amazing spot to watch the sunset, however, it is tough to get up there. Once off the paved road its another 20-30 min to get to where all those pictures are taken Whoever said 15 min was either not in a Prius (unlike us) or was speeding quite fast. I must admit this place is NOT a perfect spot for camping. Unless you enjoy camping with strangers setting up 3 ft. from your tent and being surrounded by poop & poop-covered TP in the few wooded areas, I highly recommend finding one of the many spots near by (continue down the 1st dirt road instead of taking the last right & you'll find many quite spots). Go to Prewitt Ridge for a hike, picnic & sunset, then go back your camp in a quiet secluded area 10 min away. 


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