Pailon Del diablo


AWAYN IMAGE Pailon Del diablo
AWAYN IMAGE Pailon Del diablo
AWAYN IMAGE Pailon Del diablo
AWAYN IMAGE Pailon Del diablo

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This waterfall and its location is simply amazing. Once you're in Rio Verde, it's hard to know which trails are better. I took a group of 12 American tourists and wasn't sure which one would offer them a better experience since it was going to be their first visit after arriving from the USA the night before. There are two entrances. One is called Isla del Pailon and the other is Pailon del Diablo. I visited both but found that the Isla del Pailon was much easier to walk, had fantastic views and was less crowded than the others. 

Note: this is where the goofy "Chiva" bus will bring you if you take the 5 $waterfall tour from Baños. If you don't have enough time to enjoy the site, you can say goodbye to the guide, take your time and catch back the blue public bus. If you are in a decent shape, I recommend exploring both sides. The entrance is only $2 per person per side and the experience is wonderful. 

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