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Swim in Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Pamukkale is a place that feels straight out of a postcard. Turquoise colored thermal pools surrounded by enormous white travertine terraces. A spectacular geological phenomenon being true to its name Pamukkale- meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish. It also sites the ruins of the Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis. 

Pamukkale is located near Denizli in Turkey. It’s a small town and its famous for its thermal pools and massive travertine terraces. Travertine is a form of limestone deposit formed from mineral springs. These travertines are also declared as UNESCO world heritage site. 

Swimming in the thermal pools-

As you walk here you will see miles of white cliff with multi-level pool. Swimming in this natural wonder is a surreal experience. People from all over the world come to Turkey, just to visit the hot thermal pools. Previously tourists were allowed to take a dip in these pools but now a special swimming pool has been constructed away from the cliff. You can swim in these pools just like the Romans used to. This step was taken as a measure to preserve this spectacular natural phenomenon. 

How to get there

Denizli is the closest town to Pamukkale, around 18kms. Denizli is well connected by train, bus, and plane through major cities like Istanbul and Cappadocia. From Denizli to Pamukkale there are frequent minibusses running throughout the day. The other option is you can take rent a car and drive on your own. 

Best time to visit

Pamukkale is a year-round destination. But summers are better if you are here specifically for the thermal pools. The temperature here in winter can go really low. 

So, if you are done visiting all the major attractions in Turkey. Head to this cotton candy paradise and be ready to get awestruck. 



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