Parco Di Tor Fiscale


AWAYN IMAGE Parco Di Tor Fiscale
AWAYN IMAGE Parco Di Tor Fiscale
AWAYN IMAGE Parco Di Tor Fiscale

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Along the path of the sun, looking towards the horizon, and to the aqueducts, we reach the park of Tor Fiscale. The archaeological site is extremely rich in testimonies; from the route of the ancient Via Latina, in fact, a succession of sepulchres and remains of Roman villas unfold. What we like most about this day spent away from traffic is the landscape of the Agro area, a harbinger of peace and silence. Here, in the countryside, the Tower stands out against the blue sky, a witness, in the past, to some kind of events, a faithful companion of those who have always lived in these places. It will be for the demanding excursion, but the sight of the restorative farmhouse, right there, puts us in a good mood and feeds an appetite to be satisfied as soon as possible. At the end, it was a wonderful day, in harmony with nature and history.


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