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Parque Nacional Cajas

A 40-minute bus ride from Cuenca, this park gem is well worth a visit. Other-worldly vegetation, lots of lakes and amazing views await you as you walk through the park. Cajas Reminded me of Scotland-just with more waterfalls. The road that runs through the park's central portion is in great shape. Plant life was beautiful, especially under the changing sky-rain, clouds, sun. Imagine tiny flowers, types typically found in high desert terrain; burgundy, ochre and green mosses; flowering bushes; tall grass tufts so comfortable you can camp on them; and yucca-type plants 2 meters tall. If you happen through Cuenca, make sure you plan a hike in El Cajas.

Tips: -Specifically (not elsewhere) you can catch a bus to El Cajas at the El Arenal Transfer Station ticket office just around the corner from the Tia grocery store. The ride to the entrance to the park is about 40 minutes. -Take snacks and water and perhaps some aspirin -the altitude (around 13,000ft) can cause light-headedness. Prepare yourself for rain, sun, wind and cold. Layer up. And wear sunscreen-even on cloudy days. Look at your step. There are slick black mud and post holes from geological surveys that can lead to slipping and tripping. 


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