Natural Bridges Trailhead


AWAYN IMAGE Natural Bridges Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Natural Bridges Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Natural Bridges Trailhead

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Excellent manageable hike down to an unbelievable beautiful cave and swimming hole. Hike is about a mile. Not bad going down. A bit rocky. If you are not the active lifestyle type of person, the climb back out will be a bit hard, but not too bad. The little creek and the cave are so cool. You MUST swim through it and get to the other side. It's shallow and rocky at first, but then it gets deep and you can swim for 2-3 minutes to get to the other side. It's gorgeous on the other side with natural water "tubs" and incredible rock formations. It's the kind of natural beauty people fly out to Hawaii, Costa Rica or the Yucatan peninsula to see. Water is a bit cold, but refreshing. Hiking can be tough if done around noon timeworn the heat and the sun are on! Overall a beautiful little adventure. But be aware: It is CROWDED: if you hike down before 9am you'll enjoy tranquility and a pristine moment with this beauty. But after 10am lots of people start to show up and it gets crowded. You get all kinds of people, from nature lovers to the get-drunk-by-the-water kind. It has GARBAGE: certain visitors are disgusting pigs. There is really No other way to describe it. They leave their Tecate/Budweiser/Coors bottles and cans behind. We found at least 10 empty water bottles at least, and carried 2 bags full of stuff people left behind the previous day so carelessly.  Seriously, such a beautiful gem and these people don't think or don't care to keep it clean. It has NO SIGNS / PARK SUPERVISION: other than the trailhead, there is no basic park services like bathrooms or water or garbage cans.

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