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Hiking and backpacking the Peralta Trail in Gold Canyon, Arizona

Absolutely amazing, by far my favorite hike in the Superstitions so far. Turn onto Peralta Road and head down the pavement, when you get onto the gravel road you continue another 7 miles (go slow, its bumpy) to the trailhead parking lot. Even the views driving in are amazing! The crew at the start of the trailhead were very friendly and helpful! We started around 8:45am (wish to probably start even earlier! It got warm fast) and got to the top of Fremonts Saddle around 10:10am (Length of 2.25 miles). It was an awesome gradual slope up, the last 0.5 mile was the toughest as the sun was hot and the incline gets a little steeper (Wish there was more of a breeze, and it would have been perfect), It took us an hour to get back down. The view at the top is COMPLETELY WORTH IT!, Bring plenty of water (I ran out of 1 bottle quickly) and persevere because the view at the top of Fremont Saddle of Weavers Needle is incredible.


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