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Hike in Peyto Lake

Although the hike to Peyto Lake viewpoint is a bit of an uphill hike, the scene at the end is totally worth it. The colors looks photoshopped before you even pick up your camera. While this lake is about a 40 minute drive from the town, it is really worth it. You will head up Route 93, the Icefields Parkway, which will be one of the most scenic and awe inspiring drives you will ever take. There are very few places in the world where the drive to it is just as amazing as the destination itself. The path is good and it is relatively short. The viewpoint area is not all that big and may feel a little crowded. This lake...shaped like a sitting wolf is one of the most beautiful sights in the area. There are 2 lots. If some one in your group has difficulty climbing up, drive to upper lot (for buses), drop them off and park in the lower lot(cars).


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