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This island in the Havel River was settled thousands of years ago. From the bronze bangles, bracelets and hair spirals found here in the Iron Age, we know people were living on the island about 2,500 years ago. Friedrich Wilhelm, Brandenburg Elector and Duke of Prussia, set up a glass work on the island in the seventeenth century. This was an ideal location for chemist and glassmaker Johannes Kunckel to conduct his experiments to make pure and colored glass. But when his patron died and the foundry burned down, Kunckel found himself in some considerable difficulty. Ultimately, his search for a new employer took him to Charles XI's court in Stockholm. From the city centre, Peacock Island is easiest to reach by S-Bahn to Wannsee, and then by bus and ferry (€ 4 each way, € 3 reduced). The island is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Since it is also a protected habitat for flora and fauna, on the island no dogs or bicycles are allowed. The entire island is a non-smoking area. 


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