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Photograph the Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

The International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival (Sandland) features many gigantic sand sculptures.

There’s a different theme each year, such as ‘Legends’ or ‘Empires’, so it can end up being just as educational as it is fun.

Grown-ups will love it just as much as it’ll take you on a trip down memory lane. This is a great place for adults and kids alike with cafes and refreshments on-site and being on the beach, also at the site are a kid's playground and sandcastle building pit and an ATV safari as well as the normal range of beach amenities.

One piece of advice is to try to time your visit to coincide with twilight, the sculptures really take on a different, almost ethereal quality after sundown so if you can experience them in the daylight then lit up at night with the deepened shadows, well you can see in the gallery below what I mean.

So, head on over to Aqualand and experience all the thrills and spills, letting the kids cool off from the warm Turkish sun.


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