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Photograph the Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is an UNESCO World Heritage site and a legend of architecture and style. 

Located within the same district of famous Güell Park, the four-story building’s ornate brickwork and colorful tiles bear the hallmarks of Gaudí’s distinctive style. 

The home is also widely considered to be an early example of Modernisme, or Catalan modernism. 

Through a century-plus of and still unfinished, it's become the icon of Barcelona.

The interiors are detailed even as richly, with brilliantly colored ceramic and papier-mache tiles, original paintings go off by wood wainscoting. 

Asian and Islamic design influences abound; flowers, leaves, branches and other organic shapes are a recurring design theme, and Japanese shutters and an outsized fountain cool a side porch. Gaudi's work of art has magnificent modernist spaces that may provide your event with an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere.



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