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Photograph the Hofskirkja Church

Hofskirkja Church is a lovely turf church in South-East Iceland's Öræfi area. For 700 years there has been a church at Hof in Öræfi and the first published reports of a church on this spot are from a 1343 cartulary (an ancient medieval paper). Built in 1883-1885, the heart of the present church.  

The walls of the church are created of rock and the ceiling is built of wood plates, coated with turf. The inside of the church is decorated in beautiful colors.In the house opposite the church there are also two restrooms, which can be handy given the distances between service stations and the insufficient amenities at most sights on the west shore.The church is split into nave and choir and a chancel panel separates these two sections of the church. In the bottom portion of the choir gable there is timber and the front gable. 


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