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Photograph the Moll's Gap

Moll's Gap is a pass on the N71 road from Kenmare to Killarney, with views of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks, the area, and its shop is a picturesque spot visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Moll's Gap got its name from  Moll Kissane, who ran a shebeen, a small pub, on a rocky breach during the construction of the original Kenmare Killarney road in the 1820s. She became famous for selling home-brewed poitin, whiskey, to the hardy men who worked on the road. For cyclists, this 6.3-mile climb reaches a summit of 860 feet where you can see the Black Valley, and further down on the descent, you will find Ladies View and the Killarney lakes.

If you're driving south from Killarney towards Kenmare, one option you have is to take R568 through the mountains to Sneem, then take the Ring of Kerry back to Kenmare. I'd recommend doing that, as the mountain views are incredible, and very different from what you'll see down on the Ring of Kerry.



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