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Photograph the Musee Rodin

The Rodin museum occupies the hôtel, particularly where Auguste Rodin, one of the most remarkable sculptors of his time, lived in the Hôtel Biron in the later stage of his life.

The former home opened as a museum to the public in 1919, almost 200 years after it was built for a wealthy financier. 

The Rodin Museum is a rare insight into the process of a sculptor's thoughts. Rodin donated his sculptures, maquettes, sketches, and casts as well as his own private collection of sculpture to provide a means for art students to study the process of sculpture. He inspired future sculptors with his plastic view of the form. His technique is fluid, sometimes rough, sometimes spur of the moment, allowing him to capture the essence of a person's face or figure. You can follow the step by step progress of sculpting by seeing how he modeled a small version of a figure or portrait head in terra cotta, revising it as he went along, eventually completing a clay life-size result. Then casting it in plaster. And finally in bronze. Each material, terra cotta, plaster or bronze, imparts a different take on the subject he was sculpting.

The park itself is a living sculpture with trees trimmed flat at the top and an amazing variety of plants and roses.

The entrance fee is "pay what you wish" all the days, and it's on the way to the Museum of Art.


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